Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rainy Night In Georgia

     Not a lot to say today, as all was fairly typical. The weather was pleasant and I (like a big dog) stayed outside all day. We all did except for the runts. All three of them. The don't even seem to be growing at all. I've heard about stunted puppies. Stunted is a funny word to me. Can I say that here?
     Right before dusk it started to rain. Dad let me in and said I had to stay in the crate. He thinks I don't know that a crate is really a mild way of saying cage. But I don't mind. It's warm and dry in here and I really need to be here anyway to make sure everybody's safe. Everybody else will flame me tomorrow about being Mama's boy, but heck with it. I'll jump that creek when I get to it. Nobody wants to play with me out there anyway. Bunch of geezers!

     When I got in, Ole Barnacle wants to play. Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit. I like Barn. I reckon he can't help it being a runt and all.
     However, Dad is a man true to his word. Mostly. I'm in the "crate", but happy as I can be. I do feel a little guilty about Scoob and Siddah. The rain sounds like it has let up and I'm sure they'll be OK. I can't help it because I'm a puppy. We all were at one time a while back. Except for Dad and Scooby. They never were kids I don't think. I'm not sure about Dad. He's kind of hard to talk to. Now Mom, on the other paw, is a different story. I can talk to her about anything. But we'll talk about her later when I tell you about my human family. And Meme and Pop, too. This could wind up being a novel. What is a novel anyway? Can I eat it? If I can't, at least maybe I could chew it up.
     Meme's at her computer and I'm gonna go to sleep now. I will leave a pic of her as I go. I know I don't have thumbs to take pics, but I managed this on the family digicam. Don't tell Dad. He overreacts to most things. Night!

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