Friday, December 31, 2010


I hope you like the pics of my dog family. I didn't take these. No copyright infringement intended. I'll post my human family pics soon. I'd like to thank them for their support on this blog.

I love licking folks in the face. If you come see us I will lick your face, too. That's right. No problem.

I Reckon I'm A "BIG DOG" Now.

Yes sir ee. LANDMARK


It has been reported that Smitty has spent the night outside with the big dogs. No authorities were contacted as the weather was fairly mild. There were eyewitnesses to the incident. Let's go live now to our field reporter, Wanna B. One.......

Wanna: "Mam, did you see what happened here tonight"? 
Eyewitness: "Where?"
Wanna: "Here".
Eyewitness: "Where are we now? I think I was supposed to get off in Macon. Have you seen my purse?"

Wanna: "Moving right along.... Hello sir. Can you tell me what's going on here?"
2nd eye: "Yep"
Wanna: "Well?"
2nd eye: "Yep. Fair to middling. I can sure tell there's rain moving in. My arthritis is really gnawing at me. Especially in my knees. Lord knows my knees hurt when it gets like this. Last winter I nearly wound up in the hospital I was hurting so."
Wanna: "I meant can to tell us what happened here tonight."
2nd eye: "Where?"
Wanna: "Here, for juggling jellybeans! Here!"
2nd eye: "Oh, that. Smitty stayed outside with everybody else."
Wanna: "And that's it?"
2nd eye: "'re the guy from the news aren't you?"

......and there you have it, folks. And you heard it first here on WDOG.............


Barney AKA Barnacle





Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Can Help

     Yesterday I helped everybody move Meme's bed in and got Her and Pop situated in their room. Pop doesn't like staying alone, especially at night. Meme takes good care of Pop although He is occasionally quite demanding. Pop is cool and He pats me on the head and calls me big boy.I help look after Pop, too.
     Actually I do lots of things around here. If I find any trash any where I bring it up to the house where someone can throw it away. I would throw it away but I have no thumbs and I can't open the trash can. If I could, then I could just take the trash out of the can every day for Dad to pick up and I wouldn't have to search for it. I bark at the woods on a regular basis. I'm not letting those trees get any closer. I keep all my brothers and sisters occupied also. Have I told you about them?
     Let's see... There's Siddah...she's the big one. She's bigger than me. I think somebody was mean to her when she was little. She has issues.
     Then there's Scooby. He's old and has no teeth. He bit me the other day and I was like: "Whatever".He's cool though. He lives to see Pop.Did I mention he likes to sleep in closets?
     And poor old Rugby.He hurts and grumbles all the time and he must be at least a hundred years old. He's tough though. He sleeps right under the stars and sometimes wakes up with a glistening coat of ice on his back. I expect that Rugby will die soon. He's not afraid of it. I think he used to be a cowboy. Or a Marine. His brother, BJ was the same way, I hear. RIP, BJ.
     Barney is another one of my brothers. He's small and furry and acts like a hyper furby.  He likes me though and we play ball together.  He bites at my feet to make me chase him and then we roll around in the yard until we are both tired.  He was sitting next to a brick in the yard a few days ago looking sad at it and he told me it was his brother named Bailey that tried to catch a car and lost.  I think he cried a little when he said that Bailey was the only other dog that would ever play with him.  
     And Trixie. Dad calls her Mexico. She doesn't like me very much, or anybody for that matter. She hates kids and puppies but loves her human family. She barks a lot and that makes Dad mad but when I try to talk to her she bites me on my nose. Sometimes she wears clothes like a human. I don't get it but that's her business. The one good thing about Mexico is this: She's Frank's wife. I think they've been together for a long time.
     Lastly, there's Frank. Frank Mansfield, Jr. Frank is pretty old, too. He has autism. He lives in his own little world with Trixie so we all just stay out of his way. He tolerates me but I don't think he likes me any more than his wife. I don't care because that's the way he treats all dogs. What a biggot! Oh well. I love him. He's my brother. I love them all. Think I'll take a nap.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I *LIKE* Chewing Stuff Up

     Night before last Dad trusted me to stay out of my crate. He said I had most likely been trained by now.He's a trusting guy. But I got bored and wanted to see what was in the guest bath trash can. It didn't taste very good but it was awful fun to play with. I got so excited I shit on the floor. I'm glad I'm not the one that has to clean that up.
     Well, obviously I went back to the crate for the night last night and I did really good. I only chewed up one of my pillows. It's an addiction. I can't help it. I was warm anyway. Scooby and Rugby slept outside. They are two of my brothers. I reckon I will have to sleep outside as soon as I grow up. Maybe if I keep chewing stuff they'll think I'm still a baby and keep letting me sleep in the warm house. Scoob and Rugby are getting old. Really they are the ones who need to stay warm. At least Meme gave Scoob a blanket last night. She is so sweet.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hi! I'm Smitty.

        You may think you don't know me. But I'm very typical. I'm pretty much the same as any other canine (I 'll call us dogs from here on out), except for a few things.
      First, I am lucky. My early life was quite horrific. Now, well we'll discuss that later.
      Secondly, I am telling you about it and that, you must admit, IS a little odd for a dog..