Monday, January 10, 2011

A Different World

     Dad was up before daylight as usual, but I didn't hear the shower running like I usually do. I had just woke up from sweet dreams of deer bones and stuffed toys and balls. I got loosened up by stretching when Dad opened my crate, and combed my hair by shaking violently. Now time for my bathroom business. Now.
     When the front door opened the first thing I noticed was the ramp to the door had changed colors overnight. No problem, but I did like it black like me. White will be ok, though. I stepped out cautiously and my paws slid slightly like they do sometimes on the bank of the pond, only colder. I instinctively scanned the property perimeter and then it hit me. I was in a new place! I reckon my family moved while I was sleeping. I don't care as long as I still have all of them. And I checked on everybody before I came out. When I went around the back it was kinda like our old place, but all the trees were bending over and covered with something I have never seen before. What is this? What happened? As I pondered I knew there was only one thing to do. Bark and try to intimidate. So I did. For a long time. It didn't help any because those trees weren't going anywhere.
     I peed in 8 or 10 spots and noticed everything smelled very familiar. And look! There is my dog family! All of them! There's something mighty strange going on here. I must find out what happened here last night. Whatever it is, I doesn't seem to scare Mom & Dad. Actually, I think they like it.
     I sat down for a minute just to take it all in. So different, but so much the same. I'm beginning to think we didn't move, but Dad had redecorated the yard. Cool with me.
     I got up and was going to see what else I could find and looked behind me at a glance. The white stuff was gone. It's magic! I sniffed it and quickly realized that this was my favorite thing: Water! How did that happen? As I lumbered across the yard there was a crunch under my paws with every step I took. Then it hit me. I'm walking on water! I will be the most proficient retriever every in the history of the dog world. I will be famous! I can't wait to try this out at the pond. But not now. I am being called in the house. Time for my morning Milk Bone and a frisky play session with my best bud, Barney. It is warm and cozy inside. The smell of coffee and pastries perfume the air. It's a dog's life.

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