Sunday, January 2, 2011

Blue Sky All around Me

     As the daylight started to peep through the shades I could hear what I thought was Hobson lumbering up the driveway. Then the head lights, and YES! it's Mom! I hear the door open and Trixie barks. Now here comes Mom and I'm glad. I gotta pee! Going outside now. 
     It's still raining but everybody seems to be dry. They have a dry place to sleep, but I think they won't tell me about it until I get a little bigger... er... I mean older. I don't really want to get older. The older ones don't even want to play ball. Can you imagine life without ball? Not me, Pedigree!
     I'm pretty sure there's a future for me in in sports cause Dad said I was the best ball player in the whole puppy world. And I believe him, too. He's a very sincere person. Siddah snorts and Rugby says "Yeah, right" but Scooby encourages me. He won't practice with me but he cheers me on. He told us he was a huge sports star when he was younger. I bet he was. Alongside of having no teeth, old Scoob's quite a cool dude.
     Anyway, early afternoon brought out the sunshine and the world turned bright again. There was a soft breeze coming off the pond and I swear I could smell the cat tails on the edge, waving in the breeze. The pines rustled softly and the sun was warm. I was reminded again how beautiful the world is.

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