Wednesday, June 20, 2012


    Well it seems like I always have bad news, but that's just the way life is sometimes. 
    My best buddy, Scooby has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I told yall he was old. He just laid down in the back yard and went to sleep. I miss him a lot.
    Now Dad lets me stay in the house a lot with the "little dogs". I reckon theres an up side to everything. Pop and Meme were very sad. Right now were all just trying to move on with life.
    Rest in peace, my old friend.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

On my last post I mentioned BJ getting under Dad's truck. I meant say Rugby, not BJ. My bad..... suit me.

Been a while.

Well hi folks!

   Bet you thought I had forgotten about this. Well I didn't. I kinda lost my ambition a while back when lots of bad things happened. I'm not going to depress you with details, but I feel I owe you an explanation as to where I've been.
   First, ole Barnacle went blind. Bless his heart. Hid did OK for a while but one day he wandered off & got lost and we never saw him again. I'm still looking but I heard Dad say there was little hope. I miss old Barney.
   Then Mama Dog just disappeared. (I may have told you about that). She was the one with only three legs. I prefer having four.
   One day Dad was in a hurry to get to work. That's the place he's at most of the time. He says that's where the money for milk bones comes from. I told BJ not to get under Dad's truck but he did it anyway. He was really old and didn't get around too good. I can't finish this story. You'll figure it out.
   Sidda got bit by a rattlesnake. She wasn't doing well and Dad had to "help her out". I don't know what that means, but I think I smelled her under some fresh soil where Dad must've been planning to plant some flowers.
   Then my best bud, old Frank laid down one day by Dad's desk and went to sleep. I couldn't wake him up. He was about 14 years old and was really smart. Dad made me stay inside and he took Frank out to try to wake him up. I never saw him again. Dad cried for two weeks. I've never seen him that sad.
   Well on a lighter note, we have a few new faces around here now. We have a little dog about Trixie's size (only not as fat). Her name is Ginger. Dad calls her Taco Bell. I don't think she likes me very much. I'll post a picture of her soon if Mom will loan me her camera.
   Mom & Dad came home with two green birds called parrots. Their names are Ross and Rosa. They make a lot of noise, and shit all over the floor. Dad won't let me retrieve them for some reason. I guess they're already retrieved. I keep my eye on them in case he changes his mind.
   Then Dad got another bird back that he said he had 18 years ago that his uncle had been keeping. I think his uncle died and he didn't have a Dad any more so my Dad took him back. His name was Smokey. You know something? That dang bird could talk. For real. That's the only one I've ever seen that could talk. Most of them just whistle really well. He called Dad Papa. I don't know why. Anyway, one day he just flew away. Yep. Just like that.
   So that's where I've been. Watching all that happen. I weigh 110 lbs now and I feel great. I don't know how old I am now. I'll have to ask Dad.
   I plan to get back to my story now that things have calmed down. BTW... Scooby says tell yall Hi. 
   Gotta go. I think I smell something that needs wallering in.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Think I Saw a Snake!

Yep... I can get out as fast as I can get in.

I'm a Runner, Not a Writer

   I'm 13 months old now. Daddy says I weigh 85 pounds. What does that mean? He also says I'm a good boy. I know what that means. It means milk bones are on the way. Of course I must do my trick sequence which includes sit, shake hand, other hand, kiss, and lay down. I do these tricks when I am asked, and enjoy doing them. I can tell by the way Mom and Dad move their hands which one to do. They really don't have to say the words.
   I know it's been a while since I've posted, and for good reason. I have lots of running to do. I caught a turkey in the yard. He was yummy except for the feathers. They are really fun to play with, though. I felt bad about it later because I didn't really want to hurt him. I just wanted to play. The turkey didn't see it that way. Looking back, I really don't know why I caught him. When I saw him I just got a strong feeling that that what what I needed to do. I wanted to take it to Dad, but we ate it before he got home from work. I did, however take a mouth full of feathers to his truck as a welcome home present. I always take my parents something when they drive up. Sometimes all I can find is a stick or a pine cone but they don't seem to mind. They like me no matter what I bring. I don't think Dad was real happy about me hurting the turkey, which is why I have no pics. He said I could have got into trouble with the game warden because the turkey was out of season. I don't know where season is,but I reckon the turkey should have stayed there and he'd have been safe. And I don't know the game warden either.