Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Did I Tell You I Lurve Water?

Is this fun or what?

Latest Contributions to the Family Estate.

     I think Meme said this is a dishpan. A family heirloom is what I say. I'd tell them where I got it but I don't recall.

Trying to Catch Up

     Been a while, folks. I'm sorry. Sometimes things seem to get complicated and change and I'm just a kid. But I am learning. I'm not sure if I want to be a big dog because it seems to be quite a challenge. I'd rather play ball myself. And eat stuff.
     I mentioned a while back about Siddah and Trixie having an "incident". I'm not going to talk about that because I feel it is the best thing. I've listened to Mom and Dad talking a lot and they are wise to say that things happen and sometimes you just have to accept it and move on. We are all praying for Trix to be able to see out of her eye soon. Please pray with us. You don't have to be a dog to pray. God listens to all his children's voices. I was born knowing that. And you were too.
     Lots of changes around here. I got a new collar. The big dogs got a new house. (It's awesome too, I tell you). I think Pop broke his foot, and Dad didn't go to work one day and slept almost all the way through it. Imagine that.
     I've had some fun while all this was happening though. I stay outside a lot more now, since Dad trusts me to be growing up some. Trixie, Barney, and Frank help Pop sleep a lot. I try to but when I do, Trix growls at me. She's a strange person. But sweet. I reckon being Frank's wife all these years has had some influence on that.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


     Siddah beat Trixie up. Hurt her eye real bad. I will post later.

Monday, January 10, 2011

My Best Find EVER!


     Yep. I've hit the mother lode. I brought this home the other day. I wasn't sure what it was, but it looked important to me. That's part of my job, you know, providing my family with lots of interesting stuff. 
     Mom said it is something to help people walk better. I don't quite understand this, because it was a lot harder for me to walk with it than it was without it. And it hurt my teeth to carry it. But it's great that I got this. Dad has a bad knee and limps a lot sometimes.If he uses it, I hope it doesn't hurt his mouth. If I get time later today, I'll get him another one just like it. I know right where it is. I am such a good dog. I'm quite certain that they're gonna keep me. I hope so.

A Different World

     Dad was up before daylight as usual, but I didn't hear the shower running like I usually do. I had just woke up from sweet dreams of deer bones and stuffed toys and balls. I got loosened up by stretching when Dad opened my crate, and combed my hair by shaking violently. Now time for my bathroom business. Now.
     When the front door opened the first thing I noticed was the ramp to the door had changed colors overnight. No problem, but I did like it black like me. White will be ok, though. I stepped out cautiously and my paws slid slightly like they do sometimes on the bank of the pond, only colder. I instinctively scanned the property perimeter and then it hit me. I was in a new place! I reckon my family moved while I was sleeping. I don't care as long as I still have all of them. And I checked on everybody before I came out. When I went around the back it was kinda like our old place, but all the trees were bending over and covered with something I have never seen before. What is this? What happened? As I pondered I knew there was only one thing to do. Bark and try to intimidate. So I did. For a long time. It didn't help any because those trees weren't going anywhere.
     I peed in 8 or 10 spots and noticed everything smelled very familiar. And look! There is my dog family! All of them! There's something mighty strange going on here. I must find out what happened here last night. Whatever it is, I doesn't seem to scare Mom & Dad. Actually, I think they like it.
     I sat down for a minute just to take it all in. So different, but so much the same. I'm beginning to think we didn't move, but Dad had redecorated the yard. Cool with me.
     I got up and was going to see what else I could find and looked behind me at a glance. The white stuff was gone. It's magic! I sniffed it and quickly realized that this was my favorite thing: Water! How did that happen? As I lumbered across the yard there was a crunch under my paws with every step I took. Then it hit me. I'm walking on water! I will be the most proficient retriever every in the history of the dog world. I will be famous! I can't wait to try this out at the pond. But not now. I am being called in the house. Time for my morning Milk Bone and a frisky play session with my best bud, Barney. It is warm and cozy inside. The smell of coffee and pastries perfume the air. It's a dog's life.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


     Sorry I didn't get to post last night but Meme was on the computer and I had to wait my turn but Dad put me in the cage before I had a chance to post.  Anyway,  I had a really excited day yesterday!  Dad went to work and left me out of my cage to protect the rest of the family which I did!  I went on my patrol around the house and  I found an intruder in the living room coming down the chimney!  I knew I heard mom and dad talking about Santa coming down the chimney but they said he won't come around from another year so I started telling this strange intruder to go away!  I was saying to him,  "oooohh  you better run fore my daddy gets his gun!!"  but it was coming out sounding like 'bark, bark, growl, growl'.  I made so much noise mom got up along with everybody else to come see me be brave.  Mom must have been braver than me cause she went right up to the intruder and pulled him off the stool that he was sitting on.   When she did that I had to take action and grab the intruder's leg and shake it real hard.  Mom was laughing and tried to explain to me that the 'intruder' was only a pair of overalls left in front of the fireplace to dry but I knew the truth that I had scared the intruder right out of his pants and he must have escaped back up the chimney!   Scoob and Siddah didn't believe my intruder story cause they said nobody could get past them in the yard.  Oh well, at least I got em and here is a picture of the proof...the left behind overalls of the intruder.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I Almost Forgot!

I found this today. It's the best thing I've brought home since the lawn mower part yesterday. When Dad saw it I could see a glow of love about him. Made my day.

Blue Sky All around Me

     As the daylight started to peep through the shades I could hear what I thought was Hobson lumbering up the driveway. Then the head lights, and YES! it's Mom! I hear the door open and Trixie barks. Now here comes Mom and I'm glad. I gotta pee! Going outside now. 
     It's still raining but everybody seems to be dry. They have a dry place to sleep, but I think they won't tell me about it until I get a little bigger... er... I mean older. I don't really want to get older. The older ones don't even want to play ball. Can you imagine life without ball? Not me, Pedigree!
     I'm pretty sure there's a future for me in in sports cause Dad said I was the best ball player in the whole puppy world. And I believe him, too. He's a very sincere person. Siddah snorts and Rugby says "Yeah, right" but Scooby encourages me. He won't practice with me but he cheers me on. He told us he was a huge sports star when he was younger. I bet he was. Alongside of having no teeth, old Scoob's quite a cool dude.
     Anyway, early afternoon brought out the sunshine and the world turned bright again. There was a soft breeze coming off the pond and I swear I could smell the cat tails on the edge, waving in the breeze. The pines rustled softly and the sun was warm. I was reminded again how beautiful the world is.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rainy Night In Georgia

     Not a lot to say today, as all was fairly typical. The weather was pleasant and I (like a big dog) stayed outside all day. We all did except for the runts. All three of them. The don't even seem to be growing at all. I've heard about stunted puppies. Stunted is a funny word to me. Can I say that here?
     Right before dusk it started to rain. Dad let me in and said I had to stay in the crate. He thinks I don't know that a crate is really a mild way of saying cage. But I don't mind. It's warm and dry in here and I really need to be here anyway to make sure everybody's safe. Everybody else will flame me tomorrow about being Mama's boy, but heck with it. I'll jump that creek when I get to it. Nobody wants to play with me out there anyway. Bunch of geezers!

     When I got in, Ole Barnacle wants to play. Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit. I like Barn. I reckon he can't help it being a runt and all.
     However, Dad is a man true to his word. Mostly. I'm in the "crate", but happy as I can be. I do feel a little guilty about Scoob and Siddah. The rain sounds like it has let up and I'm sure they'll be OK. I can't help it because I'm a puppy. We all were at one time a while back. Except for Dad and Scooby. They never were kids I don't think. I'm not sure about Dad. He's kind of hard to talk to. Now Mom, on the other paw, is a different story. I can talk to her about anything. But we'll talk about her later when I tell you about my human family. And Meme and Pop, too. This could wind up being a novel. What is a novel anyway? Can I eat it? If I can't, at least maybe I could chew it up.
     Meme's at her computer and I'm gonna go to sleep now. I will leave a pic of her as I go. I know I don't have thumbs to take pics, but I managed this on the family digicam. Don't tell Dad. He overreacts to most things. Night!

Not in Trouble. Just lucky.