Tuesday, January 4, 2011


     Sorry I didn't get to post last night but Meme was on the computer and I had to wait my turn but Dad put me in the cage before I had a chance to post.  Anyway,  I had a really excited day yesterday!  Dad went to work and left me out of my cage to protect the rest of the family which I did!  I went on my patrol around the house and  I found an intruder in the living room coming down the chimney!  I knew I heard mom and dad talking about Santa coming down the chimney but they said he won't come around from another year so I started telling this strange intruder to go away!  I was saying to him,  "oooohh  you better run fore my daddy gets his gun!!"  but it was coming out sounding like 'bark, bark, growl, growl'.  I made so much noise mom got up along with everybody else to come see me be brave.  Mom must have been braver than me cause she went right up to the intruder and pulled him off the stool that he was sitting on.   When she did that I had to take action and grab the intruder's leg and shake it real hard.  Mom was laughing and tried to explain to me that the 'intruder' was only a pair of overalls left in front of the fireplace to dry but I knew the truth that I had scared the intruder right out of his pants and he must have escaped back up the chimney!   Scoob and Siddah didn't believe my intruder story cause they said nobody could get past them in the yard.  Oh well, at least I got em and here is a picture of the proof...the left behind overalls of the intruder.

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