Friday, December 31, 2010

I Reckon I'm A "BIG DOG" Now.

Yes sir ee. LANDMARK


It has been reported that Smitty has spent the night outside with the big dogs. No authorities were contacted as the weather was fairly mild. There were eyewitnesses to the incident. Let's go live now to our field reporter, Wanna B. One.......

Wanna: "Mam, did you see what happened here tonight"? 
Eyewitness: "Where?"
Wanna: "Here".
Eyewitness: "Where are we now? I think I was supposed to get off in Macon. Have you seen my purse?"

Wanna: "Moving right along.... Hello sir. Can you tell me what's going on here?"
2nd eye: "Yep"
Wanna: "Well?"
2nd eye: "Yep. Fair to middling. I can sure tell there's rain moving in. My arthritis is really gnawing at me. Especially in my knees. Lord knows my knees hurt when it gets like this. Last winter I nearly wound up in the hospital I was hurting so."
Wanna: "I meant can to tell us what happened here tonight."
2nd eye: "Where?"
Wanna: "Here, for juggling jellybeans! Here!"
2nd eye: "Oh, that. Smitty stayed outside with everybody else."
Wanna: "And that's it?"
2nd eye: "'re the guy from the news aren't you?"

......and there you have it, folks. And you heard it first here on WDOG.............

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